Laser Markable Label Stock 7847

Product Data Sheet

Updated : July 2000

Supersedes : November 1994

Product Description


ScotchMark 7847 laser markable label stock is a two layer film designed for the

production of labels in laser marking facilities.


Due to a special production process the black top layer and the white base layer form a


homogeneous unity.


The acrylic film is halogen-free and highly resistant to chemical substances, temperature


and other environmental influences.


ScotchMark Laser markable Label stock 7847 is coated with a modified acrylic adhesive


and shows good primary adhesion as well as a high final adhesion even on low energy


surfaces such as polypropylene.


Depending on specific application ScotchMark Laser markable Label stock 7847 can


also be used for tamper-evident identification. In most cases labels cannot be


transferred without damage once they have been applied to a surface.


Physical Properties

Not for specification purposes



White base film (caliper approximately 50 μm) with black

surface coating (caliper approximately 10μm).







Modified (high-performance) acrylic adhesive of 350 series

(caliper ca. 30μm).


Permanent low-temperature adhesive.




Densified Kraft paper, caliper 80μm, weight: 94 g/m²

Shelf Life


24 months from date of manufacture by 3M if stored at

room temperature condition in cool, dry and sun protected







Markable with all Nd-YAG laser marking equipment available on the market.



High contrast of the markings (especially with BARCODES).




Very good abrasion resistance, temperature resistance as well as resistance to

chemical substances.





No corrosive emissions during the laser marking process.




Very good weathering resistance.




UL-approval : File No. MH16411




CSA-approval : File No. 99316



Date : July 2000

Laser Markable Label Stock


Product Availability


ScotchMark Laser markable Label stock 7847 is available as endless roll material. If

pre-die-cut labels are requested 3M will recommend several converters specialising in


the production of various different formats. If no equipment for laser marking is


available, 3M can name, if desired, companies which quickly and reliably do laser


marking according to customer specification.


3M also names appropriate laser equipment manufacturers if in-house marking is




Physical Properties

Not for specification purposes

Minimum Application


+ 4°C

Weight per m² (film &


90 - 100 g/m²

Elongation at Break


approx. 13 %

Tensile Strength


min 25 N/25.4mm

Elongation at Break and Tensile Strength have been tested according to DIN 53455/ISO


527, 300 mm/min.


Spraying with Salt Water


168 h / 5% concentration / 35°C - No Change

Adhesive Performance /

Bond Strength

Not for specification purposes

Measured according to DIN 306-46, part 1 (jaw separation speed 300mm/min., at 180°C

angle, film width: 25.4mm). Adhesive performance for the individual case can depend on

the texture of the substrate surface. The above adhesive values are average values.

They are not appropriate for specifications.

Substrate N/25.4 mm

Afera Steel 30

Aluminium 30

Polypropylene 20

Polyethylene 18

Polycarbonate 25

ABS 28

PVC 30

Resistance to



(according to automotive specification DCC 654A-Europe)

(applied to aluminium)

72 h 80°C

7 h 80oC

24 h 38°C (98% relative humidity)

24 h 38oC (98% RH)

7 h -30°C (98% relative humidity)

17 h -30oC

17 h 38°C (98% relative humidity)

No Change

No Change

No Change

No Change

No Change

No Change

No Change

No Change


Date : July 2000

Laser Markable Label Stock


Resistance to

Chemicals and

Substance Exposure Time Result



Distilled Water @ 65°C 390 hours No Change

SAE 20 motor oil at 25°C 250 hours No Change


Sodium hydroxide solution 200 hours No Change


Sulphuric Acid (30%) 300 hours No Change


Petrol (lead free ordinary) 1 hour No Change


95% Relative Humidity @




250 hours No Change


Xylene 0.5 hours No Change


N-Heptane 0.5 hours No Change


Isopropanol 0.5 hours No Change


Resistance to Abrasion



Abrasion test Tabor/Abrader (applied to Aluminium), CS 10 wheels, 500g per wheel

up to 300 cycles : No Change




Crock Meter Test (1) 200 cycles.




SAE 20 motor oil at 25°C




Gasoline for cleaning




1% Pril in H2O




Percentage Isopropanol/water - 50:50








1,1,1 Trichloroethane




Crock Meter Test (2), FAM test liquid according to DIN 51604, part 1,




12 cycles, Part A (50% Toluene, 30% Isoctane,




15% Diisobutylene, 5% Ethanol) - no change.




UL Recognised as Printing Materials Component - UL 969 under File No. MH 16411






CSA Accepted as Class 7924 under File No. 99316 - indoor and outdoor use.


Weather Resistance

(Thermal Cycling)

Acceleration test in the Xenon device 2000 hrs according to DIN 53387 (equivalent to 4-5

years outdoor exposure to weather) : No change



300°C for 1 min.

250°C for 7 days

150°C for 14 days

Dimensional Stability :

No Change

Low Temperature


Without Stress -60°C

With Stress -30°C

(tested according to Gardner Impact


No Change

No Change

Humidity Resistance


3 days at 32ºC (90ºF) and 90% relative



No Change


3 days at -40ºC (-40ºF) No Change



Date : July 2000

Laser Markable Label Stock






ScotchMark Laser markable Labelstock 7847 can be marked and cut with all Nd-Yag

laser marking equipment on the market.

In order to optimise optical results we recommend to individually adjust marking

parameters (power, pulse rate, speed) to your requirements depending on the kind of

label to be produced (BARCODES or characters).

When laser marking, you should always ensure that the emissions at the laser beam

work area are extracted by the combination of a suitable encapsulation and an adequate

exhaust system. Additional filtration is not required.

For more information about emissions arising during the laser marking process with

ScotchMark 7847, please contact our division Safety, Security, Environmental Protection

and Product Assurance in Neuss, Germany (Phone : 49-2131-14-2042).


Screen printing with weather resistant inks.


When weed-stripping the inflexibility of the material has to be considered. Therefore the

use of "rounded" corners is recommended.

Warranty & Liability


All information above is based in our present experience with the material. Prior to the

use of the product by the customer it is his responsibility to test whether it is suitable for


the intended application, always considering all relevant factors that might affect this




All warranty and liability issues including the warranty period for this product will be


settled on the basis of our general trade conditions valid at the time, except if there are


legal regulations which stipulate different proceedings.


3M does not assume warranty and liability for the converting of the films.


3M is a trademark of the 3M Company.

Values presented have been determined by standard test methods and are average values not to be used for specification purposes.

Our recommendations on the use of our products are based on tests believed to be reliable but we would ask that you conduct your own tests to

determine their suitability for your applications.

This is because 3M cannot accept any responsibility or liability direct or consequential for loss or damage caused as a result of our


Tapes & Adhesives Group



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